Greetings from Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc., a direct support organization for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The Foundation's mission is to secure supplemental funding for enhancing student achievement through innovation and community engagement. In keeping with the motto of the school district it supports, the Foundation aims to "give our students the world" by meeting global education standards.   

With your help, the Foundation can move our public school students and their teachers into new worlds of opportunity, innovation, motivation and academic success.   

Students at some of the district's lower-performing schools are already reaping the benefits of a Foundation initiative in place to increase teacher and administrator effectiveness through innovative professional development. These students now have a new opportunity to succeed despite their many challenges. Parents may also participate in their child's academic success by exploring family learning opportunities offered through the school district's celebrated Parent Academy, an initiative the Foundation also funds. Thousands of students are also being introduced to our community's array of cultural and arts institutions through the Foundation-supported Cultural Passport Program. The Foundation also supports scholarship programs, homework assistance, and an effort to ensure that all students have mobile computing devices for learning.  

Give our students the world today. With your donation and your commitment to our mission, you have given the most valuable gift of all - education.


Alberto M. Carvalho
Superintendent of Schools, Miami Dade County Public Schools
Chair, Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc.


Supporting Miami-Dade County Public Schools since 2008