Together for Children’s History and Mission

The Together for Children coalition first met in April 2016 when members of government, education, business, law enforcement, justice and funding entities came together to do their homework, to improve gaps in services, and to identify possible funding sources to align and expand programs.

Standing shoulder to shoulder on the steps of the Children’s Courthouse in Downtown Miami on September 6, 2016, coalition partners extended a public invitation to all members of the community to join the coalition.

On September 19th, 20th, and 21st, hundreds of concerned residents, community leaders and organizations participated in those publicly announced neighborhood planning meetings in areas most impacted by youth violence, in Central, North and South Miami-Dade. (Map) During each planning meeting, members of the public joined forces with the initial coalition partners to begin delving into the root causes of youth violence, and come up with initial ideas to address them. The notes, ideas and suggestions gathered during each neighborhood planning meeting were then shared with every attendee who provided an email address on sign-in sheets at those meetings.

A series of workgroup sessions are being held in those same areas. The intent of the workgroup sessions is to create neighborhood action plans, generated by community members and in partnership with anchor institutions, to break the cycle of youth violence. (Click here for ALL meeting documents/notes)

There is no issue more vital than the safety of our children. We must speak with a unified voice. Only as one can we empower our youth.