Bringing Wireless Technology to the Classroom  

S.T.E.M. initiatives

bringing wireless technology to the classroom

Through community-wide contributions and support from local and national foundations, FNEI raised $7 million dollars for wireless technology improvements in schools, allowing the District to increase district-wide and schools' network capacity (bandwidth). The next step is to augment the district's existing Bring Your Own Device Program in order to ensure that all students have mobile computing devices for learning. 

S.T.E.M. Initiatives

Cyber Security:

The content tries to keep the internet safe for everyone who has access to it. Things like bullying, hacking, and by-passing the system. Specialized courses focus on database security, planning and analysis, software, and web security. Work-Based learning will be infused throughout the four years of the program starting with career awareness, career exploration ans culminating with an internship during the summer after junior year. 

International Supply Chain Management:

This program would create a pipeline of talent prepared for entry-level position in Logistics and Distribution and will provide students with dual enrollment and articulation into a career pathway leading to a two or a four year degree. This content will include: the global supply chain, the logistics environment, safety principles, quality control principles, work communication practices, teamwork-workplace behavior- and problem solving, supply chain computer systems, product receiving and stocking, product order processing, product shipping, safe operation and use of equipment, inventory control, safe handling of hazardous material and costumer relations. Students in the program will be immersed in the classroom with a strong computer program using current industry software application such as Magaya. 


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