FACT: More than 69% of students attending Miami-Dade County Public Schools in 2018-2019 school year were registered for free/reduced price lunch. That's 241,527 students, many of whom go hungry during summer months when school is out. This past year M-DCPS registered 6,200 students living in insecure housing, and needing assistance for themselves and their families. Foundation for New Education Initiatives (FNEI) was founded in 2008 for students like these. 

Besides helping to feed, clothe, and shelter needy students and their families, FNEI supports initiatives such as the Cultural Passport program, equipping needy students and classrooms in poor schools with wireless devices, plus many other valuable programs. Last year alone, over 55,000 students benefited directly from FNEI-supported initiatives.

We need your support! 

Join us as we endeavor to make a change for the better in Miami-Dade County, one student at a time. 


Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc. seeks to enhance student achievement and community engagement in support of The Parent Academy and other educational initiatives of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Public education is a public/private enterprise. It can succeed only with involvement and resources from all sectors of the economy and all segments of society.


To become a thriving foundation capable of supporting all of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ strategic priorities.


We pursue the highest standards of organizational performance.

We foster an environment that promotes inclusiveness, diversity, and pluralism.

We encourage creativity and adaptability to new ideas and methods. 

We accept responsibility for our successes and challenges, and execute our work transparently and ethically, as we strive towards continuous improvement. 


What We've Achieved

  • FNEI has helped low-performing schools and students succeed academically

  • Supports arts and cultural programs. Pays for student field trips to art productions

  • Provides college scholarships for 30 students annually

  • Gives referrals and supplies monetary as well as other types of aid for students and their families in crisis

  • Raised $7 million dollars for wireless technology improvements in schools, allowing the District to capture $54.5 million in Federal E-Rate funds during the 2012-2013 fiscal year

  • Secured 60,000 student devices for District schools and classrooms 

  • Delivered free classes and workshops which help parents become full partners in their children’s education at more than 200 sites throughout the county

  • Increases teacher and administrator effectiveness through incentives and professional development resulting in improved student achievement. Also increased average teacher wage by 10% in the last 4 years

  • Almost 2300 paid internships in the 2018 Summer Annual Internship Program

Supporting Miami-Dade County Public Schools since 2008